Sker Ritual Review (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One & PC) (2024)

Any timeCall of Duty Zombies come to mind, the eerie figures of disassembled human beings ready to paw on you follow immediately. Well, now imagine a roundup of these zombies in a whole new title.Sker Ritualis the game we are talking about. The game comes with all the shoot-and-escape thrills that can be found inCoD Zombies.

Havingofficially landed on consoles on April 18, 2024, the game is quickly gaining traction. In fact, in just a few hours, the game has recorded tremendous playtime on different sites, like Steam. This leads us to wonder what all the fuss concerning the game is about. Well, we will tell you all about it in a few.

First things first,Sker Ritual isn't just your average zombie shooter. It has some serious roots in the horror world, being a spinoff of the single-player title, Maid of Sker. However, while Maid of Sker keeps you on the edge of your seat with solo gameplay, Sker Ritual amps up the fun with multiplayer madness.

Let's keep it real, though: Sker Ritual isn't reinventing the wheel here. It's all about what you'd expect from a zombie shoot-'em-up, plain and simple. Therefore, don't go in expecting groundbreaking innovations or mind-blowing mechanics.

It is more like your go-to comfort when you just want to blow off some zombie brains, feet or wherever your barrel aims. Now that we are a bit up to par, lets analyze the games depths to identify whether it deserves all the hype

The Story After the Evil Ending

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So, you know that spooky hotel adventure you had in Maid of Sker? Well, hold onto that thought because Sker Ritual is taking that story and running with it. Following the scary tale of Maid of Sker, Sker Ritual picks up the story after its chilling conclusion, dubbed the “evil ending”.

Set in 1914 on Sker Island, the game throws players into the aftermath of the “evil ending.” At the center of the chaos is Elisabeth Williams, who's using the Siren's Song to tighten her grip on the island. On the other hand, her daughter, Arianwen, stands against her. Therefore, players must join her fight to stop the madness from spreading further.

As players wake up to the unfolding drama, they feel the weight of the island's troubled past. Every step they take is filled with danger as they explore the islands and fight the quiet ones. With danger lurking around every corner, players must help Arianwen and make allies to stop the quiet ones from taking over.

Together with Arianwen, you embark on a journey filled with challenges that test your bravery and determination. Basically, it's a race against time to save Sker Island. So, if you want to put an end to the Quiet ones, you must be ready to put a few bullets into their zombie heads. For fans of Maid of Sker, it's like exploring the same universe from a different angle, with plenty of new adventures to uncover.

The Maps

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Sker Ritual features a variety of maps set on Sker Island, each offering its own unique challenges and environments for players to explore. The map ranges from dense forests to some scary abandoned buildings that are designed to immerse players in the haunting atmosphere of the island. Similarly, each map is very detailed, with hidden pathways and secret areas.

However, navigating the maps isn’t a walk in the park. You must adopt a strategy and take advantage of the terrain and environmental features to outmaneuver your enemies. For instance, you could choose to use the cover of darkness to evade detection. Alternatively, you can find elevated vantage points for better visibility. Ultimately, mastering the maps is essential for survival.

Additionally, the maps are designed to encourage exploration, and optional objectives are scattered throughout for players to discover. However, the maps have their share of drawbacks. Despite the diversity, some players may find it lacking in variety, leading to a sense of repetition over time.

Let’s Go Old-School

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One noticeable thing is how the Sker Ritual throws you into some old-school, round-based FPS action vibe. This game brings back the classic first-person shooting style, where you'll face relentless waves of enemies in intense combat rounds.

Drawing inspiration from the golden age of FPS games, Sker Ritual offers a nostalgic experience for players who enjoy the thrill of traditional shooters. Its round-based gameplay is all about survival, quick reflexes, and strategic decision-making as you fight your way through hordes of zombies.

To stir things up, Sker Ritual combines the best of both worlds by blending old-school shooting mechanics with modern twists and enhancements. To make the gameplay even better, the game allows you to play solo or team up with friends in multiplayer mode. Whichever route you choose, each round presents a fresh challenge to overcome.

Additionally, the game focuses on fast-paced action and tight gunplay, enough to keep you hooked for hours. All you have to do is gear up, lock and load, and prepare to take on the quiet ones in a thrilling round-based FPS adventure.

Action Goes Bad

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While Sker Ritual delivers an intense, round-based FPS experience, some players may find certain aspects of the shooting mechanics less than ideal. In a way, the game lacks innovation and uniqueness in the shooting mechanics.

If you like intense, top-notch modern shooting vibes, do not come with high expectations. Despite the game's intense action and fast-paced gameplay, the shooting mechanics may feel somewhat generic.

Another potential downside is the lack of depth or variety in weapon customization. Indeed, it's undisputed that Wales Interactive did quite a good job with the game's features. Especially the idea of using steampunk-inspired weapons and upgrades. However, the options for customizing and fine-tuning your arsenal may feel limited compared to other FPS titles on the market.

Overall, while Sker Ritual offers solid shooting mechanics and intense gunplay, it may fall short of delivering a truly groundbreaking experience. If you are seeking a fresh take on FPS shooting mechanics, you might find yourself wanting more from Sker Ritual in terms of innovation and depth.

The Miracle

Sker Ritual Review (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One & PC) (5)

One of the most exciting elements of Sker Ritual is the Miracle system. When you defeat enemies, there's a chance they'll drop powerful Miracles. These are game-changers, offering a choice of three random upgradable powers that can enhance your shooting. They include melee attacks, grenades, and healing abilities.

Furthermore, the Miracle drops randomly, encouraging players to adapt their playstyles on the go. Interestingly, you might find yourself strategizing around the Miracles you receive, finding a way to capitalize on their strengths.

This dynamic aspect of the game adds replay value, as you'll want to experiment with different combinations of Miracles to discover their power. Overall, the Miracle system enhances the excitement of Sker Ritual‘s gameplay. It ensures that each session is filled with thrilling moments of discovery and strategic decision-making.

Reward for Shooting The Zombies

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Sker Ritual introduces a rewarding system called “Dread Levels” and “Sker Pass.” Wondering how it works? As you progress in the game, these systems allow players to earn rewards. They provide incentives for continued play and exploration.

Dread Levels represent the escalating difficulty as players advance through the game. Progressively, the challenges become more intense with each level, but so do the rewards. Players can earn unique items, weapons, and cosmetic upgrades as they reach higher Dread Levels, encouraging them to push their limits and test their skills.

On the other hand, the Sker Pass functions as a seasonal reward system. It offers exclusive rewards to players who complete specific challenges and objectives within a set timeframe. For instance, you can unlock valuable rewards such as rare cosmetics, in-game currency, and bonus experience points.

Ultimately, Sker Ritual's free reward systems provide a unique approach compared to some of its FPS counterparts. Players can enjoy a sense of accomplishment as they unlock new content and customize their experience.


Sker Ritual Review (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One & PC) (7)

In addition to its intense zombie-slaying action, Sker Ritual also offers players the thrill of uncovering hidden Easter eggs scattered throughout the game. These Easter eggs serve as delightful surprises for players who enjoy exploring every nook and cranny of Sker Island.

For instance, you may stumble upon a cleverly hidden reference or uncover a secret area with unique rewards. In this case, you need the curiosity that killed the cat and attention to detail.

The hidden Easter eggs provide moments of fun and discovery amidst the chaos of battling the Quiet Ones. To spice it up, the excitement goes a notch higher when you discover Easter eggs with friends in multiplayer. Notably, they will put you on your toes, eager to uncover what secrets lie hidden on Sker Island.


Sker Ritual Review (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One & PC) (8)

Sker Ritual offers a perfect old-school, round-based FPS experience like no other. It brings back memories of classic shooter games and captures the essence of zombie survival. Honestly, thumbs up to the devs for the incredible blend of first-person shooting and zombie survival.

On the flip side, the game has its drawbacks. The shooting mechanics, while generally solid, can sometimes feel a bit clunky. They may lead to moments of frustration, especially in intense situations.

However, despite these flaws, Sker Ritual still manages to provide an enjoyable and engaging experience overall. Its intense action and cooperative gameplay make it a great choice for gaming sessions with friends.

In addition, the hidden Easter eggs add an extra layer of excitement for those who enjoy exploring the game world. While it may not be perfect, Sker Ritual succeeds in delivering a satisfying zombie survival experience that's sure to keep players coming back for more.

Sker Ritual Review (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One & PC) (2024)


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