Your Guide to Throwing a Galentine's Day Party - Dutch Apron® Bakery (2024)

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Whether you are living the single life or are happily taken, you can still have a wonderful time celebrating the season of love. This year, instead of just focusing on flowers and romance, do something special for your girlfriends and throw a Galentine’s Day party! It’s the perfect time to get your friends together and celebrate each other.

What exactly is Galentine’s Day?

For over 10 years, the day before Valentine’s Day has been called Galentine’s Day. It’s a day all about women celebrating women and setting aside time to show appreciation for all the extraordinary ladies in your life. It’s a great opportunity to remind your friends that they’re great and are loved by a whole bunch of special someones.

Now that you know a little about the holiday, it’s time to start planning your own Galentine’s Day gala. Whether this is your first year hosting a February 13th get-together or your tenth, we’ve come up with some great tips to make this year’s Galentine’s Day party your best ever.

How to Host the Ultimate Galentine’s Day Party

Pick a Theme

Having a theme isn’t required, but it can make preparing for the festivities easier. When Galentine’s Day first started, brunch was a very popular theme. Groups would get together at a local restaurant and enjoy their favorite breakfast foods and drinks. If your friends love a good brunch, this is a great option for you!

However, don’t feel like you have to stick to the classics. You could do a sleepover, a chocolate-lovers bash, a spa day, or even an anti-Valentine’s Day theme. Whatever you pick, just make sure it’s right for your friend group, so everyone can enjoy.

Make a Galentine’s Day Playlist

No Galentine’s Day party is complete without music from your favorite female artists. Throughout history, successful ladies have been inspiring girls to be their best selves with their lyrics. Pick a few songs from different decades, so you have something for everyone.

You can also get your friends involved in the planning process by asking them to send you some of their favorite songs. This will make the party feel more personal and help get them excited for the big day!

Create a Heart-Themed Menu

Great food is essential to any Galentine’s Day get-together. Make your friends fall in love with your menu by putting out a special, heart-shaped spread for them to enjoy. Snacks and desserts are where you can get especially creative.

Charcuterie boards are a very popular choice right now. They allow you to cater to a bunch of different tastes without breaking your budget. We created our own Valentine’s Day-themed charcuterie board that can help you get started planning your grocery list.

Effortlessly impress your friends with an extra-special dessert course. Our Heart-Shaped Cake Roll Sandwiches are absolutely stunning and incredibly easy to make. All you need is a Dutch Apron® Bakery Cake Roll or two, a heart-shaped cutter, some frosting, and sprinkles!

  1. Slice the Cake Roll

Your Guide to Throwing a Galentine's Day Party - Dutch Apron® Bakery (1)

  1. Cut and Shape

Your Guide to Throwing a Galentine's Day Party - Dutch Apron® Bakery (2)

  1. Stack

Your Guide to Throwing a Galentine's Day Party - Dutch Apron® Bakery (3)

  1. Decorate!

Your Guide to Throwing a Galentine's Day Party - Dutch Apron® Bakery (4)

Make it a Spa Day

Don’t forget to relax! Spend some time unwinding this Galentine’s Day by throwing in a bit of self-care and bringing the spa to your party. Lay out a few comfy robes and get ready for a day of pampering.

There are plenty of easy, spa day activities you can do right from the comfort of your home. Have a DIY face mask station, set up an area for manicures and pedicures, and maybe even try a make your own fragrance station! It’s a great way to relax and make a bunch of fun memories.

Gifts for the Gals

Let them keep the celebration going long after the party has ended by sending them home with a little something special. It’s easy to get creative and put together a small parting gift that shows your appreciation for the people that came to spend the day with you.

One option is creating custom-wrapped chocolate bars. These treats make for great party favors, and they are really easy to put together. All you have to do is download a template online and get designing. Then it’s just print, glue, and give!

You could also choose to get a little more personal with your favors by including a special photo frame with a “Memories Coming Soon” insert. This would be replaced by one of the photos you took during the party. You can print off the photos and mail them to your friends with a little card thanking them for their friendship and for their attendance at your party.

This February 13th, celebrate the season of love with a day of memorable fun with your closest girlfriends. Just follow our guide, and you’ll be ready to throw a Galentine’s Day party that shows all the incredible ladies in your life just how special they are. Now, get ready to treat yourself and your friends for your new favorite day of the year.

Your Guide to Throwing a Galentine's Day Party - Dutch Apron® Bakery (2024)


What is the guy version of Galentine's day? ›

Malentine's day is a day for men to meet up and celebrate their amazing friendship. It is a happy, celebratory day, the male equivalent of Galentine's day.

What is the dress code for galantine? ›

There's obviously no strict dress code for Galentine's Day— it's all about however dressed up or casual your friends want it to be. So whether you're looking for the best pair of sweatpants, or a fun sparkly-skirt outfit, we have some ideas for you.

What is Galentine's day quote? ›

In a 2010 episode of the TV show “Parks and Recreation,” Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) introduces her coworker to what she says is “the best day of the year,” aka Galentine's Day. “Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style.

What are the rules of Galentine's? ›

There are no strict rules when it comes to Galentine's Day festivities. Some choose to go the original path that is based on the television show. This consists of eating breakfast, sharing Valentine's Day goodies, exchanging gifts and an overall celebration of female friendship.

Can boys do Galentines? ›

Who uses Galentine's Day? While Galentine's Day is more popular among women, the holiday itself can also include, as long as the relationship is non-romantic, male and other nonbinary friends.

Who made up Galentine's day? ›

Instead, Galentine's Day was founded by a badass fictional character: Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation. The friend-filled holiday dates back over a decade to season two, episode 16 of Parks and Rec.

What is a Galentine slang? ›

That's right: Galentine's Day—a day for women to celebrate their friendships with their lady friends. It's Valentine's Day with your gals.

What color is Galentine's? ›

Not to mention, the beloved aesthetic of heart-shaped-everything and all things pink!

Is galantine served hot or cold? ›

A galantine is often served cold, while a ballotine can be served both hot or cold. A galantine is usually cylindrical in shape, making it easier to slice. Galantines are also usually wrapped in cloth and poached in their own stock.

Is galantine hot or cold? ›

– A galantine is shaped in a cylinder, making it easy to slice. Then it is wrapped in cloth and poached in stock. It always is served cold, often in aspic.

How do you say happy galentines day? ›

"To the one who knows all my secrets and still loves me – Happy Galentine's Day!" "Wishing a day of pampering and love to an amazing friend this Galentine's Day." "You're not just a friend; you're my soul sister. Happy Galentine's Day!"

What to put in a Galentines day card? ›

So, what to write in a galentine's day card?
  1. Happy Galentine's Day! ...
  2. Wishing you a wonderful Galentine's Day full of love and laughter.
  3. I'm so lucky to have you in my life. ...
  4. Thank you for always being there, it means the world to me. ...
  5. Happy Galentine's Day! ...
  6. You're the best therapist and know all my secrets.

Is Galentines for single girls? ›

Whether you're single, coupled-up, stuck in a talking stage, or languishing away in a confusing set-up, Galentine's Day is a chance to celebrate meaningful relationships. It is a celebration of friendship and the people who stick by your side as romantic relationships come and go.

What is a Galentines Day party? ›

February 13 is the day to gather your gals together to celebrate friendship with festive flair. The best Galentine's Day ideas incorporate things your friends love into the day, like thoughtful Galentine's day gifts, a delicious meal or an adventure. Ready to learn how to host a Galentine's Day party for the ages?

What do you put in a Galentines day basket? ›

Throw an effortlessly delicious Galentine's Day party with a snack board of small bites and treats with meat and cheese , nuts , chocolates , and sweets . And of course, don't forget their favorite wines! They'll love digging into the Valentine's Day Charcuterie & Chocolate Gift Box with Wine.

How do you plan a Galentines dinner? ›

Your Ultimate Guide for Hosting an Amazing Galentine's Day Party
  1. Consider a Theme. ...
  2. Send Your Invitations. ...
  3. Start Shopping for Fun Decorations. ...
  4. Build the Ultimate Bar. ...
  5. Create a Menu Full of Heart-Shaped Treats. ...
  6. Set Up a Craft Corner to Make Galentine's Day Cards. ...
  7. A DIY Photo Booth Will Help You Take the Best Pictures.
Feb 2, 2024

How to decorate for Galentines Day? ›

Rather than host a typical hang, embrace the theme and transform your home into a pink and red filled party featuring sparkly backdrops for photo opps, heart-shaped plates and maybe even some mesmerizing edible glitter.


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